7 Mobile Advertising Techniques

Ken Elefant over at Venture Beat put together a list of mobile advertising techniques, and his opinion of each. On his list: Marketing via SMS/MMS WAP banner ads Location-based advertising Video ads on cell phones In-game advertising Online coupons Interstitial ads (link via Techmeme)

Enter the Age of Mobile Publishing

A quote from Peter Chernin, president and chief operating officer of News Corp: “I believe that mobile could be one of the greatest media platforms ever created. It could rival television, the Internet and literally anything.” I would have to agree with him. In an age where hospitals rely on just-in-time delivery of supplies in… Continue reading Enter the Age of Mobile Publishing

Blogging a Conference

Josh Hallett has a great primer on how to blog a conference. He reviews the tools, software, preparation, strategy, news coverage, audio and video. Like most things, preparation prior to the event is key. 

Solving a Problem No One Has

Everything is moving online. Magazines, newspapers, books – there is a scramble to be first, be innovative, and be profitable. To be sure, there is great opportunity online, and publishers are finding declining growth in their print formats, and see digital media as their salvation. As companies create new solutions, a key question to keep… Continue reading Solving a Problem No One Has

News Revolution (again)

Dave Winer has caused a stir again. He has been setting up easy, readable news feeds from top news sites & blogs, that display well on your PDA, mobile phone, or blackberry. Ewan MacLeod has a great write-up of why this is important. Why does it take someone to do this out of frustration? Don’t… Continue reading News Revolution (again)