A Look Back; A Look Ahead

For me, this week has been one of reflection. There are a lot of challenges that we face, as a culture, a country, an industry, and of course, individually. This week, as I thought about the years behind us, and the years ahead, I happened upon something special. Something that puts things in perspective. Something that frames our past and can be a guiding light to our future. I found this:

It’s the first issue of Library Journal magazine, from 1876.

It was astounding to look at this wall and see more than 125 years worth of service to this industry.

This is a history of who we are; Of what we believe in; Of the industry we serve. It is more than pages bound together. For many, it was their life’s work. It cataloged generations within an industry. It shaped and reshaped how things are done. It is a constant in changing times.

Many of our brands have histories similar to this one.

The first edition of Library Journal was published when Jesse James was still robbing banks.

An article during the Second World War.

While the nation was still mourning the loss of President Kennedy.

The month I was born.

So thank you to everyone who has worked through the decades to build these institutions which I now have the honor of working with. And thank you to everyone I work with today, who are creating the future of these institutions. At times, it is a wild ride – and I am thankful for it.

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