An “Opportunity to Transform Journalism”

Leonard Downie, Jr., executive editor of the Washington Post is taking an “opportunity to transform journalism for a new era.” This, of course, means some drastic changes to his newsroom: Shrinking the newsroom staff Tightening up the paper’s news hole Cracking down on story length & publishing story length guidelines for the staff, along with… Continue reading An “Opportunity to Transform Journalism”

Blog Looks to “Old-Media” Reporters for Growth

Nick Denton is making some changes over at Valleywag. In addition to a site redesign and shift in editorial focus, he has ousted the young editor of the site and looking for a replacement: “we’re now looking for someone with, ideally, some background in reporting. An old-media career, useful in the sparkling new world of… Continue reading Blog Looks to “Old-Media” Reporters for Growth

7 Mobile Advertising Techniques

Ken Elefant over at Venture Beat put together a list of mobile advertising techniques, and his opinion of each. On his list: Marketing via SMS/MMS WAP banner ads Location-based advertising Video ads on cell phones In-game advertising Online coupons Interstitial ads (link via Techmeme)

The New Internet Bubble

Last week was the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, and it seemed to leave many attendies unimpressed. Dan Farber from ZDnet was left hungry for more innovation: “Many people I talked to identified a lack of big innovations, little companies with features but not products, too many products crowding the same space, too many… Continue reading The New Internet Bubble

The Value of the Editor in a Social Media World

Time magazine is making some changes. Time’s publisher, Edward R. McCarrick descibes the moves this way: “We’re doing something really bold and direct, which is throwing down the gauntlet.” Jeff Jarvis is, of course, not enthusiastic about these changes at the magazine. He states: “I think that general-interest magazines may well be fated to fade… Continue reading The Value of the Editor in a Social Media World

Everyone is Your Competition

How does that headline feel? If you work for a media company, it’s sad but true. As information overload invades our culture, and your audience become more time-crunched, competition for their time becomes overwhelming. While it is convenient to view your competitors as only those who work within your industry, it overlooks the full picture… Continue reading Everyone is Your Competition

Why the Internet is Good for Traditional Media

BusinessWeek has a message for traditional media companies: “…we believe Internet companies that enable and promote revenue generation from their content should be viewed as critical allies of, not necessarily competitors to, traditional media companies.” Om Malik shows us the sheer size of social networks, with MySpace alone generating 38 billion page views last month… Continue reading Why the Internet is Good for Traditional Media