Search: The Next Generation

Emre Sokullu takes a look at the future of search. How can search improve, you ask?

“…better indexing techniques, …vertical engines, meaning-based search, intent-driven search, new clustering methods, and much more.”

For user interface enhancements, they look at Snap, SearchMash and For technology advancements, Hakia, Vivisimo, Ask, Yahoo, Google,, NPL, Collarity, Swicki, Rollyo, and Riya. They also check out a bevy of vertical search engines.

Their prediction for Google:

“Google will have a hard time competing not only its big adversaries like Microsoft, Yahoo and Ask – but also the ambitious startups that are opening new dimensions and bringing forth new approaches. We will probably hear of acquisitions in this space as well.”

The power of search – and the power of the web as a whole – has so much further to evolve. We have passed the tipping point in acceptance of the web, and trust in using it. The next step is to create meaning – and connecting dots that make the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

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