Untethering the Social Networks

Fred Wilson has a great post about his ability to be the center of his own social network.

With so many of the web’s social networks – it is limited to a single domain name. Once you leave Facebook or MySpace or LiveJournal, you become an outsider.

Fred talks about two services that let him create a social network that truly centers on himself and his, um, networkers. Last.fm and MyBlogLog have allowed him to center his network around his own domain name, and should outlast the fits and starts of the latest social network that gains or loses popularity.

The evolution of the social network is an interesting thing in someone’s life. I am noticing that people tend to start out on one, and then wish to evolve as they grow. Perhaps they started on MySpace, and then want to grow into Facebook. For some, they feel trapped, can’t bear to break the bond, and slowly fade away stuck somewhere that doesn’t allow them to move on.

For others, it is a case of constant reinvention. I think this will be a growing concern for individuals online. If you love someone, set them free!

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