It is a Fascinating Time to be a Journalist!

Chris Anderson takes an in depth look at what it would mean to create a transparent magazine.

In part 1, he looks at what has changed since Wired magazine’s website originally launched. My favorite:

THEN: Media as Lecture: we create content, you read it.
NOW: Media as Conversation: a total blur between traditional journalism, blogging and user comment/contributions.

In part 2, he describes “Six tactics of transparent media.”

  1. Show who we are.
  2. Show what we’re working on.
  3. Process as Content.
  4. Privilege the crowd.
  5. Let readers decide what’s best.
  6. Wikifiy everything.

He includes an honest assessment of the upside and risk of each tactic. Not all of these tactics will lead to better reporting or a benefit to the reader. However, I appreciate the open mind with which he and his staff is exploring them. In the end, you have to keep the reader’s needs in mind, especially when faced with such massive changes to the world of journalism and publishing. It is a fascinating time to be a journalist!

More on the topic from Rex Hammock and Scott Karp.

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