Magazines Target Students with Digital Editions

The New York Times reports on a new initiative: “A new digital initiative to begin this month will give away thousands of magazine subscriptions to college students, but the magazines will be delivered via e-mail, not in print. The Magazine Publishers of America, the trade group that is sponsoring the initiative, is hoping to convert… Continue reading Magazines Target Students with Digital Editions

Monetizing Web Video

YouTube is another site that illustrates the power of focusing on building a dedicated audience before confusing it with ways to monetize. New York City Venture Capitalist Fred Wilson looks at YouTube’s potential revenue: “YouTube could be generating $440 million in annual revenue.” While Fred’s numbers illustrate an intriguing “what-if,” the site is not likely… Continue reading Monetizing Web Video


What happens when you mix blogs with spam, you get splogs. A primer, from Wired: “Like email spam, splogs use the most wonderful features of networked communication – its flexibility, easy access, and low cost – in the service of sleazy get-rich-quick schemes. But whereas email spammers try to induce recipients to buy products, sploggers… Continue reading Splogs

A Fundamental Shift in Journalism

Adrian Holovaty has a follow up to the recent Bivens report for Tips to Improve Newspaper Websites: “…more fundamental shifts need to happen for newspaper companies to remain essential sources of information for their communities. One of those important shifts is: Newspapers need to stop the story-centric worldview. Conditioned by decades of an established style… Continue reading A Fundamental Shift in Journalism

Web Trends

Two new reports out: Current demographics of internet users Online Classifieds Increase in Popularity; Category Visitation Surges 47 Percent in the Past Year Greg Sterling offers his thoughts on state of classsified: “Obviously newspapers have to make some bold moves online (beyond their existing vertical relationships) to build their destination consumer traffic and/or find additional… Continue reading Web Trends

Google Releases Newspaper Archive

Google has launched a search archive of 200 years worth of newspapers. From The New York Times: “This symbolizes a major moment,” said Allen Weiner, a research director at Gartner, a market research firm. Google has reached an accommodation with the content companies that will benefit both sides, he said.” What is interesting is how… Continue reading Google Releases Newspaper Archive

Newspaper Battle for Online Marketshare

The BBC looks at people’s expectations when it comes to the words “news” and “free”: “This is a generation who grew up with the world wide web. They usually get their news delivered to them in their e-mail inboxes or at the click of a button. It is difficult to persuade young people that news… Continue reading Newspaper Battle for Online Marketshare

Innovation in Social Media

Facebook added some new features to its website. Some commentary on both sides. First the postive from Michael Arrington: “It’s interesting because Facebook clearly gets the idea of an attention metastream, where page views aren’t the currency that matters but rather how effectively the service allows users to communicate. Facebook users will now have a… Continue reading Innovation in Social Media