The Next Generation

This week, the student newspaper staff of Harlem school PS 123 visited our offices. I spent three hours with the students, gave them a tour of our offices, introduced them to some of my amazing co-workers, discussed how the web is changing newspapers, and we even created a blog, uploaded images and took videos to… Continue reading The Next Generation

The World We Create

Control. Compete. Covet. Hoard. Deny. Share. Connect. Embrace. Spread. Assist. Simple choices. Every moment. Of every day.

Authenticity & Perfectionism

I spend a lot of time listening to, and thinking about music. I love dissecting the artistic process, and trying to understand why music moves people. In thinking about this, I can’t help but see connections to the current state of the media industry and journalism. I find myself meditating on two concepts: Authenticity Perfectionism… Continue reading Authenticity & Perfectionism

The Most Amazing Turntable…

Just got back from a new friend’s house, where I got to experience what must be at least $20,000+ of turntable goodness… the Garrard 501. Suzanne Vega never sounded so good.