The Integration of Social Networks

Social networks are becoming more an more integrated into tools that we use every day. Cisco Systems is buying social network, likely to integrate the Tribe technology into Cisco’s network and service solutions for large companies. “Netscape co-creator Marc Andreessen, say that social networks will soon be as ubiquitous as regular Web sites. They… Continue reading The Integration of Social Networks

My First Social Network

Michael Arrington informs us of the relaunch of Ning, a site that allows anyone to create their own social network, without the need for coding or developer skills. Startups like this are interesting, but to me, point to the overall trends that an individual can easily become a media brand. A site like Ning has… Continue reading My First Social Network

The State of the Virtual World

For anyone following the virtual world Second Life, they have released some interesting metrics: The Size of the Virtual World. January was another record month for Second Life in many ways. The size of the world, as measured by the virtual square kilometers of simulation, expanded 23% over December to 361 square kilometers. The Virtual… Continue reading The State of the Virtual World

Leveraging Social Networks

Liz Gannes of GigaOM looks at the social network landscape, and where the opportunities lie. “There is a difference between setting up yet another ‘meeting place for pet owners,’ or a network for people who work-out, or a ‘MySpace for old folks’, and waiting for them to arrive, versus using social tools to connect people… Continue reading Leveraging Social Networks

How Fragile We Are: The Life and Death of Social Networks

Flickr, a social network fueled by photo sharing has made some changes, and has some members of its community jumping ship. Some changes to Flickr: Limiting the maximum number of contacts, or ‘friends’ in your Flickr network. Each photo can have a maximum of 75 tags. They will be discontinuing their email-based Flickr sign in… Continue reading How Fragile We Are: The Life and Death of Social Networks