Journalism, Innovation, the Web

Jeff Jarvis is asking some great questions, and working on the answers in a recent post about entrepreneurial journalism. While many publishers are working feverishly to create a successful online brand, marketshare, and profit, is the same innovation going into journalism itself? Or are they one and the same? One thing is for sure, the… Continue reading Journalism, Innovation, the Web

Online Newspaper Success

e.politics looks at the The Washington Post’s social media push: “…they seem to truly understand the the benefits that come from being a part of the broader internet conversation as well as the ability of user-generated content to build audience loyalty.”

Newspapers & Links

Techdirt looks inside the debate that many old media companies go through when moving online: “A reporter at a paper in Missouri writes to Poynter Online, discussing an internal debate that her newspaper had over whether to include external links to stories in other publications. Ultimately, the higher ups decided against it on the view… Continue reading Newspapers & Links

Tips to Improve Newspaper Websites

The Bivings Report offers up 10 Ways for Newspapers to Improve Their Websites. On the list: Start Using Tags Provide Full Text RSS Feeds Work with External “Social” Websites Link to Relevant Blog Entries Get Rid of All Registration Partner with Local Bloggers Offer Alternative Views of Your Content Modernize Your Site’s Graphic Design Learn… Continue reading Tips to Improve Newspaper Websites

News Sensationalism

An interesting piece in the Boston Globe got me thinking about some of those “most popular” story listings on sites like and the dangers of social news sites. The Globe’s article looks at the oversaturation of John Mark Karr coverage on television news: “`It’s an embarrassment,” says Tobe Berkovitz, associate dean of Boston University’s… Continue reading News Sensationalism

Ranking Newspapers

A new study takes a look at which newspapers have the greatest reach: “When we look at individual markets, the general trend is that the online audience is growing — not by leaps and bounds — but growing [while] the print audience is on a slow and steady decline,” said Gary Meo, senior vice president,… Continue reading Ranking Newspapers

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The Anti-Journalist

The Washington Post profiles someone who submits stories to social news sites. These online hunters “neither reports nor writes the news, but he submits stories he finds interesting.” “This is a new field, in some ways, a new talent pool,” said Jason Calacanis, general manager at Netscape, a division of AOL. “They have a different… Continue reading The Anti-Journalist