Are Blogs & Editorials the Same Thing?

Jeff Jarvis compares editorialists to bloggers: “The irony is that the editorialists have long been guilty of the sins most often attributed to bloggers: They rarely report and mostly just leach off the work of other journalists. And they work anonymously. Worse, they attempt to speak as the voices of institutions, issuing opinions as if… Continue reading Are Blogs & Editorials the Same Thing?

Traditional Publishing in Jeopardy

From AdWeek, an article titled “Print is not Enough.” “If you’re a magazine publisher who believes print ads alone will remain a viable business, Robin Steinberg has a message for you: think again… pressure is mounting on magazines to offer advertisers multiplatform packages that tie-in to the Web, mobile and other appropriate digital media.” “Readers… Continue reading Traditional Publishing in Jeopardy

Newspaper Innovation

The Wall Street Journal has rolled out some innovative new features, including:“a Windows screensaver, embedded right-click search capabilities, the My RSS beta and pop-up story summaries.”

Publisher Tells Google to Stay Away from their Content

A Belgian newspaper has won a court order telling Google to stop reproducing their content through the Google Website:”We are asking for Google to pay and seek our authorisation to use our content … Google sells advertising and makes money on our content,” Boribon told Reuters, confirming reports in Belgian media.” As so many are… Continue reading Publisher Tells Google to Stay Away from their Content

Keeping Newspapers Relevant

The Isthmus Daily Page looks at how newspapers are changing with the times:  “The business model is changing. An entire generation has been trained to believe they don’t have to pay for the news, and at the same time there are some very troubling economic indicators for newspapers.”  “… ‘it’s the end of world’ for… Continue reading Keeping Newspapers Relevant

Solving a Problem No One Has

Everything is moving online. Magazines, newspapers, books – there is a scramble to be first, be innovative, and be profitable. To be sure, there is great opportunity online, and publishers are finding declining growth in their print formats, and see digital media as their salvation. As companies create new solutions, a key question to keep… Continue reading Solving a Problem No One Has

A Fundamental Shift in Journalism

Adrian Holovaty has a follow up to the recent Bivens report for Tips to Improve Newspaper Websites: “…more fundamental shifts need to happen for newspaper companies to remain essential sources of information for their communities. One of those important shifts is: Newspapers need to stop the story-centric worldview. Conditioned by decades of an established style… Continue reading A Fundamental Shift in Journalism

Google Releases Newspaper Archive

Google has launched a search archive of 200 years worth of newspapers. From The New York Times: “This symbolizes a major moment,” said Allen Weiner, a research director at Gartner, a market research firm. Google has reached an accommodation with the content companies that will benefit both sides, he said.” What is interesting is how… Continue reading Google Releases Newspaper Archive

Newspaper Battle for Online Marketshare

The BBC looks at people’s expectations when it comes to the words “news” and “free”: “This is a generation who grew up with the world wide web. They usually get their news delivered to them in their e-mail inboxes or at the click of a button. It is difficult to persuade young people that news… Continue reading Newspaper Battle for Online Marketshare