TV Guide: From Publishing to Web

PaidContent has an interesting article on the evolution of TV Guide: Redesign Rolls Out Today; Emphasis On Info, Community. Seems like an interesting blend of features and a remarkable step forward for a brand that had to completely transform itself with the advent of digital media.

Solving a Problem No One Has

Everything is moving online. Magazines, newspapers, books – there is a scramble to be first, be innovative, and be profitable. To be sure, there is great opportunity online, and publishers are finding declining growth in their print formats, and see digital media as their salvation. As companies create new solutions, a key question to keep… Continue reading Solving a Problem No One Has

Magazines Target Students with Digital Editions

The New York Times reports on a new initiative: “A new digital initiative to begin this month will give away thousands of magazine subscriptions to college students, but the magazines will be delivered via e-mail, not in print. The Magazine Publishers of America, the trade group that is sponsoring the initiative, is hoping to convert… Continue reading Magazines Target Students with Digital Editions

A Fundamental Shift in Journalism

Adrian Holovaty has a follow up to the recent Bivens report for Tips to Improve Newspaper Websites: “…more fundamental shifts need to happen for newspaper companies to remain essential sources of information for their communities. One of those important shifts is: Newspapers need to stop the story-centric worldview. Conditioned by decades of an established style… Continue reading A Fundamental Shift in Journalism

Websites Want to Be More Like Magazines

Robert Scoble looks at whether Web 2.0 is a bubble like Web 1.0 was, with an interesting conclusion: “One thing, though. Web 2.0 is largely funded by advertising. Advertising is an AUDIENCE business. So, when Paul Graham is telling his companies to worry about building audience first, that’s actually a good point of view to… Continue reading Websites Want to Be More Like Magazines

Writer, Editor & Big Media Authority Dwindling?

Teen magazines are dropping like flies in favor of online counterparts that offer more interaction. Some of the thoughts surrounding these moves: “You can’t just be a magazine editor sitting in your office. You can no longer dictate. It is a two-way street.” This is how sites like MySpace, once seen as unrelated to publishing,… Continue reading Writer, Editor & Big Media Authority Dwindling?

Link Prudes

Paul Conley has a few interesting comments about publishers who are shy about including links within stories that take you to other websites: “It seems Crain Communications has decided that its Web sites are, in fact, part of the Web. The company has begun using external links in its articles.” In another entry, he finds… Continue reading Link Prudes

“This is a Total Revolution”

Business 2.0 has an article focusing on how Google can be both friend and foe to small business. But this passage jumped out at me as more anecdotal proof that things have changed drastically for print publishers: “More established businesses have been able to slash their marketing budgets by switching to search-term advertising. Ray Allen,… Continue reading “This is a Total Revolution”