The Awe-Inspiring Brand Equity of Established Publishers

New York Times Building, Hearst Tower, McGraw-Hill BuildingOn a recent outing in New York City, I couldn’t help but notice three buildings in particular, each representing a publishing giant.

The New York Times building is brand new, the Hearst Tower is a new building built on top of the old one, and the McGraw-Hill building (their former headquarters) is vintage art deco.

Standing in the presence of these buildings is somewhat awe-inspiring. You realize the power of these brands, and fully appreciate their place in our lives. It is one thing to have a reputation for quality and serving the community – it is another to see such a massive artifact of what they represent.

As I look at web-only media brands that are gaining authority online, I can’t help but think: will The Huffington Post or Drudge Report have massive buildings like this in the future?

While traditional publishers are faced with new competition on the web and threats to their business model – there is no mistaking the brand equity that they have built in the world. Once they fully leverage it on the web – their authority and influence will only grow.

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