Blogger Gives up AdSense Over Ethical Issues

Darren Rowse points us to a post by a blogger who is giving up on using Google AdSense because of ethical issues. Trent Hamm runs a website called The Simple Dollar, which gives financial advice for “people fighting debt and bad spending habits.” His issue with AdSense: “…this automated bidding system allows anyone to bid,… Continue reading Blogger Gives up AdSense Over Ethical Issues

Is Print Dragging Down Publishers?

Scott Karp looks at some new research data, and makes the argument that print may be dragging down publishers who should be focusing more on their online revenue: “…pure-play online media is eating the once monopoly-protected lunch of local print media — these online players don’t have to worry about supporting, protecting, not competing with,… Continue reading Is Print Dragging Down Publishers?

Think Secret: Deadpool?!

I was surprised to read that Apple’s lawsuit with Apple rumor website Think Secret has resulted in the site shutting down. Think Secret has long been a reliable source of Apple information, and from what I understand, run by a college student with a knack for reporting. The website Techcrunch gives a “deadpool” designation to… Continue reading Think Secret: Deadpool?!

Tying Web Analytics to Business Strategy

Reid Carr talks about taking web analytics a step further, and tying them to business strategy. “The connection between the traffic and sales is often not monitored as specifically as it could be. Companies need to begin to measure more business-oriented metrics related to the overarching goals of the organization and begin to draw tight… Continue reading Tying Web Analytics to Business Strategy

B2B Magazines: Are You Meeting the Needs of Your Readers?

Scott Karp takes a critical look at how B2B publishers need to change to meet the needs of readers. He gives compelling examples of how some publishers are approaching the web with a reader focus – breaking down walls between how information has traditionally been packaged. His conclusion: “These are just a few examples of… Continue reading B2B Magazines: Are You Meeting the Needs of Your Readers?

Another Print Editor Moves Online

More print editors are finding roles online: “Brandon Holley, late of Jane magazine, has become the latest example of an editor who’s made the leap from print magazines to the digital space. Holley has been quietly working at Yahoo as executive producer, Yahoo Lifestyles, a new position at the company.”

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