More Paid Content Becomes Free

The Sacremento Bee will no longer charge the $499 subscription fee for political coverage in their “Capitol Alert” site: “In the past year, Capitol Alert’s in-depth and ongoing political news and information have become a valuable daily resource for many political professionals. During this time, we have received many requests to make Capitol Alert available… Continue reading More Paid Content Becomes Free

Keep Track of Your Online Reputation

Darren Rowse explains why it is important for bloggers to monitor who else on the web mentions them and links to them: Engage in Conversation Build Relationships Track Success of Posts Correcting Errors and Damage Control Find Plagiarists

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Reporters Told They Now Work for Web

The Naples Daily News has been revamping their reporting operation: “It happened a year ago at the Naples Daily News. Print reporters and photographers were all told that they no longer worked for the paper, says Phil Lewis, editor and vice president of Daily News. They were all transferred to–which the company now… Continue reading Reporters Told They Now Work for Web