Journalists Expected to Write Copy & Shoot Video

Andy Dickinson reports on a survey of practices of video reporting within newspapers: Video is commonly shot and edited by the same person Reporters are expected to shoot video and file copy on the same story Photographers are expected to shoot stills and video on the same story You should allow 4 hours to produce… Continue reading Journalists Expected to Write Copy & Shoot Video

Marketing Through Social Media

Maki has an interesting article on The Importance of Social Media Marketing. Among the benefits: Primary and secondary traffic. Better search engine rankings. Build community around your website.

OpenSocial. Explained Simply.

Jeremiah Owyang breaks down Google’s OpenSocial announcement for the common person to understand: “Since there’s standardization in the code use (APIs) If you develop an application for OpenSocial, it should be easily re-used on all the social networks that are particiating. This greatly reduced development time, you no longer need a ‘myspace strategy’ or ‘bebo… Continue reading OpenSocial. Explained Simply.

The “Institutional Arrogance” of News Media

Tom Curley, CEO of The Associated Press is asking the news media to rethink how they operate: “Curley said in a speech that news organizations should quit thinking like gatekeepers of information and reach out to people who are accustomed to receiving news in real time online and customizing the ways they see and read… Continue reading The “Institutional Arrogance” of News Media

The Walls Come Tumbling Down

Michael Krigsman wasn’t distracted by the big news this week, of Google unveiling OpenSocial. “Hidden from view during the press conference, an improvised parallel event arose spontaneously, raising deeper implications than the Google announcement itself. This parallel event offers a provocative glimpse into the future of collective intelligence, information sharing, and group-oriented analysis.” Michael goes… Continue reading The Walls Come Tumbling Down

All Companies Will Be Media Companies

Jeremiah Owyang illustrates why all companies are becoming media companies: “Exactly what does a “media” company of the future look like? All along the customer lifecycle is an opportunity to create media, it’s great for injecting and encouraging conversation, telling a story, or demoing a product.”