Second Life: Marketing Letdown?

The LA Times reports on the marketing let down of companies who opened up shop in Second Life: “Firms find that avatars created by participants in the online society aren’t avid shoppers.” More from Duncan Riley.

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The Future of Citizen Media

Dan Gillmor shares a progress report on citizen media. “We need much more experimentation in journalism and community information projects. The business models are, at best, uncertain — and some notable failures are discouraging. Dealing with the issues of trust, credibility and ethics is essential; as are more tools and training, including a dramatically updated… Continue reading The Future of Citizen Media

Washington Post Launches Hyperlocal News Site

The Washington Post has launched a hyperlocal website called The site is: “…an aggressive online push into hyperlocal journalism, combining traditional reporters and photographers with bloggers, videographers and extensive databases on schools, businesses and churches.” Scott Karp gives an extensive review of the site.

34 Lessons on Blogging

Three bloggers each share 11 lessons on blogging. Marc Andreessen Mark Evans Aidan Henry I just have one to add to their lists: When blogging, always eat cookies. I think a certain fuzzy blue monster will agree with me.

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How to Create a User-Generated, Hyperlocal News Site

Mark Potts looks back at why the hyperlocal news site Backfence closed its doors, and shares tips on the best way to create a user-generated hyperlocal news site: Engage the community. It’s not journalism—it’s a conversation. Hyperlocal content is really mundane Trust the audience. Focus on strong, well-defined communities. Leverage social networking. There is most… Continue reading How to Create a User-Generated, Hyperlocal News Site

Business 2.0 Magazine Sees Sharp Drop in Ad Revenue

The New York Times reports on the dire times for Business 2.0 magazine: “Advertising revenue at Business 2.0 was down 38 percent through July 9 of this year, according to the Magazine Publishers of America. The most recent issue on newsstands ran a scant 102 pages, although summer months are traditionally lean for magazines.” Yet,… Continue reading Business 2.0 Magazine Sees Sharp Drop in Ad Revenue

Newspaper Ad Sales in Decline

The Wall Street Journal reports on newspapers’ ad sales accelerating drop: “Right now, you’ve got a perfect storm,” says Edward Atorino, an analyst with financial broker Benchmark Co. He predicts total ad revenue will fall 4.3% this year. The decline will be one of the steepest in history.” Jon Fine of BusinessWeek asks “When Do… Continue reading Newspaper Ad Sales in Decline

The Next Big Thing: Tagging and the Mobile Web

Marion Jensen is thinking about “the next big thing,” and finds “location” as the answer: “You can access information about a location, but it’s still at your desk. The real revolution will come when this information can be accessed completely and easily from a mobile device, while you’re at that location.” “The next big thing… Continue reading The Next Big Thing: Tagging and the Mobile Web

Google Expands Print Advertising Program

Google announced the expansion of their newspaper print ads program, expanding from 50 to 225 partner newspapers. Here is a review of what this service is: “Google Print Ads enables agencies and advertisers of all sizes to easily plan and buy traditional newspaper media in both national and local newspapers within a single, web-enabled interface…… Continue reading Google Expands Print Advertising Program