Yahoo and Reuters Ask You to Become a Photojournalist

Some user-generated media and citizen journalist news:

“Hoping to turn the millions of people with digital cameras and camera phones into photojournalists, Yahoo and Reuters are introducing a new effort to showcase photographs and video of news events submitted by the public.”

The offer also seems to apply to video, and includes a print component:

“…distribute some of the submissions next year to the thousands of print, online and broadcast media outlets that subscribe to its news service. “

I think that this perspective accurately reflects that this is not about buzzwords, but more about delivering a better news product:

“People don’t say, ‘I want to see user-generated content,’ ” said Lloyd Braun, who runs Yahoo’s media group. “They want to see Michael Richards in the club. If that happens to be from a cellphone, they are happy with a cellphone. If it’s from a professional photographer, they are happy for that, too.”

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