YouTube Reveals Online Ad Strategy

The Wall Street Journal reports on how YouTube plans on monetizing its site: “YouTube’s strategy “revolves around the idea of having brand advertisers participate and become part of our community,” says Chief Executive Chad Hurley.” Now, there is evidence from MySpace that the user community doesn’t mind when large corporations encroach upon their little world.… Continue reading YouTube Reveals Online Ad Strategy

Podcasting Gear, Cheap

Pwop Productions gives their recommendations for podcasting equipment, for a total of $500. (Thanks to Robert Scoble for the pointer.) Robert also muses on his thought process in creating a new video podcast. And what the world needs now is Podcast awards.

Online Video Bubble

Comscore released it list of top 50 Websites for July, with the growing popularity of video sites being the top story. The Business 2.0 blog breaks out the top 10 video sites by visitors. Are we experiencing an online video bubble? Possibly. However, this format has really come into its own, and businesses across the… Continue reading Online Video Bubble