Online Video Bubble

Comscore released it list of top 50 Websites for July, with the growing popularity of video sites being the top story. The Business 2.0 blog breaks out the top 10 video sites by visitors.

Are we experiencing an online video bubble? Possibly. However, this format has really come into its own, and businesses across the board are aggressively pursuing it for revenue, content, branding, and just about anything else you can come up with.

Catherine Seipp has some interesting quotes from Alan Wurtzel, NBC’s president of research and media development:

“The news business isn’t trending down; it’s the paper business that’s trending down… Boy, there are two businesses I wouldn’t put money into right now — newspapers and TV stations. There’s just too many other ways to get news.”

I have seen some very poor looking TV style reporting done online, and some compelling videos that understand the shortening of attention spans on the Web. A webpage can now be a TV show and newspaper all in one. Factor in all the social networking elements and you have something very compelling. So the question now is, do I walk out to the lawn to pick up my Wall Street Journal?

Update: a review of online video sites, with top 10.

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