Standalone Journalism

Now, there has been a lot of talk about readers/customers/users now expeciting/choosing/demanding to be involved in the process, to be able to create content, be given some control, or be part of a community. However, Paul Conley looks at things differently: “We will soon see a slew of standalone, online, B2B publications being run by… Continue reading Standalone Journalism

Writer, Editor & Big Media Authority Dwindling?

Teen magazines are dropping like flies in favor of online counterparts that offer more interaction. Some of the thoughts surrounding these moves: “You can’t just be a magazine editor sitting in your office. You can no longer dictate. It is a two-way street.” This is how sites like MySpace, once seen as unrelated to publishing,… Continue reading Writer, Editor & Big Media Authority Dwindling?

News Sensationalism

An interesting piece in the Boston Globe got me thinking about some of those “most popular” story listings on sites like and the dangers of social news sites. The Globe’s article looks at the oversaturation of John Mark Karr coverage on television news: “`It’s an embarrassment,” says Tobe Berkovitz, associate dean of Boston University’s… Continue reading News Sensationalism

Newspapers Look Online

There is no shortage of news to help newspaper executives lose sleep. From The Economist: “For most newspaper companies in the developed world, 2005 was miserable. They still earn almost all of their profits from print, which is in decline. As people look to the internet for news and young people turn away from papers,… Continue reading Newspapers Look Online

Sunday Wrap Up

Just clearing out some remaining news and commentary for the week: Steve Rubel has a piece on Reinventing the Media Interview, where he states, “the media interview as we know it though is going through a radical transformation and it’s starting not with the reporters but with bloggers.” Mark Cuban discusses Responsible Journalism with regards… Continue reading Sunday Wrap Up