Facebook: The Fickleness of Social Network Success

This snowy Monday morning has several folks thinking about the incredible backlash that Facebook is experiencing due to its “Beacon” service, which is an attempt to monetize the site: Scott Karp: “Facebook Beacon, currently in the process of going down in flames, is a classic case of overreaching… Facebook overreached because it’s acting like a… Continue reading Facebook: The Fickleness of Social Network Success

Are Media Companies Hurting Their Online Growth Potential?

It seems that media companies may be hurting their online growth by treating it as second fiddle to their traditional revenue streams: “Local online ad revenues have shown impressive growth lately, but a new report by Borrell Associates suggests that those gains would have been more substantial if it hadn’t been held back by bundling… Continue reading Are Media Companies Hurting Their Online Growth Potential?

Online Ad Spending Up 21% for Newspapers

PaidContent reports on online ad growth for newspapers: “Newspaper websites saw ad spending rise 21.1 percent to $773 million in Q3 versus the same period last year, according to estimates from the Newspaper Association of America.” Here is the official release from Newspaper Association of America

Earning “Well Over Six Figures Per Year” By Blogging

Darren Rowse shares the services he uses to make money blogging: Google AdSense Chitika Amazon Associates Private Ad Sales/Sponsorships Text Link Ads Job Boards Miscellaneous Affiliate Programs Miscellaneous Advertising Programs It should be noted that he earns “well over six figures per year” with minimal costs.

Web Ad Revenue 40% Higher Profit for Newspapers

While digital ad revenue is still smaller than print ad revenue, newspapers are reporting a very interesting distinction between the two: “…mature online operations are generating 40% and higher profit, suggesting that achieving a critical mass of online ad revenue translates to profit at a much higher rate than print ad revenues…”

Traditional Advertising Must Shift to Targeted Niche Segments

A new report from IBM predicts major revenue declines to traditional advertising players if they don’t quickly shift their strategies. “To survive in this new reality, broadcasters must change their mass audience mind-set to cater to niche consumer segments, and distributors need to deliver targeted, interactive advertising for a range of multimedia devices. Advertising agencies… Continue reading Traditional Advertising Must Shift to Targeted Niche Segments

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Social Networks Eclipse Email in UK Marketing

Barry Graubart finds two interesting points in the latest research from Hitwise: “UK web traffic to social network sites has now exceeded that to web-based email systems like Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo! Mail.” “Hitwise shows that clicks to retail sites from social networks exceeded the traffic sent by the email sites. Let me repeat that… Continue reading Social Networks Eclipse Email in UK Marketing

Martha Stewart’s “Community” Marketing Initiative

I have been reading about “Martha’s Circle,” a new initiative from Martha Stewart to select and aggregate blogs around key topical areas that Martha’s audience appreciates. I immediately began thinking about what this meant for large publishers like Martha Stewart, and for small bloggers. My mind raced between ideas around building community, disseminating long tail… Continue reading Martha Stewart’s “Community” Marketing Initiative