Business 2.0 Magazine Sees Sharp Drop in Ad Revenue

The New York Times reports on the dire times for Business 2.0 magazine:

“Advertising revenue at Business 2.0 was down 38 percent through July 9 of this year, according to the Magazine Publishers of America. The most recent issue on newsstands ran a scant 102 pages, although summer months are traditionally lean for magazines.”

Yet, some fans are organizing to save Business 2.0:

“Can Business 2.0 become the “Jericho” of magazine publishing? “Jericho,” of course, is the once-canceled CBS show that was revived after fans deluged the network with pleas to continue it. Now a self-described avid reader of Time Inc.’s Business 2.0 has started a Facebook group called “I read Business 2.0 — and I want to keep reading!”

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