“Acquistions” Replace “IPOs” in Web 2.0 Bubble

Facebook is opening themselves up a bit more, allowing companies to provide services to the users of the social network.

“Rather than using Facebook only to keep in touch with friends and going elsewhere for other content, users could now gain access to that content inside Facebook. That could keep people on Facebook for longer periods of time, which would also appeal to advertisers.”

The question of “Who will buy Facebook” continues to come up. From TechCrunch:

“[Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg would] be crazy brave to close his door if Sergy Brin & Larry Page come knocking.”

Much like in 2000, chatter about money, valuations, aquisitions, etc. – seems to be frequent topic online and in the media. Aquisitions are for this bubble, what IPO’s were for the last one.

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