The Evolution of Reporting

Andy Abramson proclaims:

“…we have entered an era of “Instant Jouralism” and of “just in time” distribution of news content.”

His reflections center on the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) that is happening this week in Las Vegas.

“It’s the “new instant journalists,” even those without press passes, who will be wandering the halls at CES that will be finding products and stories that makes the show interesting.”

In response, Nicholas Carr gives an ironic response, saying:

“I have seen the future of journalism and his name is Andy Abramson.”

He proceeds to mock Andy’s writing and ideas. However, Andy’s message, whether it is on-target or not, is a hot topic at places like CES, and in news reporting as a whole. While so many debate ideas around “citizen journalists,” it is more interesting to watch the changes in reportings in a microcosm like CES or other large events. Who will get the scoops, who will industry insiders turn to…

As journalism evolves, it is less enjoyable reading the debates between people like Nick and Andy, and more rewarding to see more people become journalists, even if they don’t call themselves that, and use new tools to deliver information their audiences want and need – and allow for conversations as was never before possible.

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