Social Media is like Traditional Media After All

Scott Karp takes a look at what it takes to be successful in social media, and finds that it is not much different from traditional media.

He looks at, and analyzes their top users – those who have had stories reach the Digg homepage more than three times.

“…being successful on Digg is hard work and only a small fraction of those who try ever succeed… The “community” doesn’t determine what goes on the home page of Digg — it’s a handful of de facto “professionals”… Sure, they leverage their network of “friends,” but then getting ahead has always been about who you know, right?”

He concludes:

“…they achieved their Digg success not through any egalitarian, democratic entitlement — they got there by my making a commitment to do a good job, work hard, abide by standards, and serve their community. They earned the privilege.”

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