More Journalists Jump from Traditional Media to Web

The New York Times reports on more prominent journalists leaving their jobs at large media companies to join a new web venture:

“Mike Allen, a reporter who covers the White House for Time magazine, and Roger Simon, the chief political correspondent for Bloomberg News, are joining the new multimedia political news venture being overseen by two former Washington Post journalists.”

The new venture will launch on Jan. 23, and will live at How will they differentiate themselves?

“…by hiring a half-dozen reporters who have established reputations, as well as about 15 or 20 energetic journalists in their 20s and 30s who are building their careers and are eager to break news.”

Doc Searls has an interesting observation about the opportunity that a move online can afford journalists:

“The junk pile may be bigger, but there are many more paths, and much shorter ones, to much broader frontiers, than ever before. More cream can rise more ways to a bigger top.”

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