The State of Online Advertising

Scott Karp takes an in depth look at the state of online advertising. He sees irony in a recent IAB campaign to convince advertisers to embrace the online medium:

“…the campaign uses the same concept of “engagement” that newspaper and magazines have used to promote their shrinking mediums.”

He references quite a number of issues being discussed on the web right now, with this conclusion:

“Online advertising will likely outgrow this phase and deliver a prosperous future — but we should have no illusions about how much pain there’s liable to be along the way.”

Bloomberg reports on the outlook for media advertising in 2007:

“The ongoing shift in advertising dollars from traditional media into non-traditional media, most notably the Internet,” will affect broadcasters and entertainment companies as well…”

Media Magazine shares their insight on the future of media and the internet:

  • Traditional media companies will struggle to maintain their audiences.
  • More business models will emerge to reward independent content creators.
  • TVs, computers, and other digital devices will truly begin to morph.
  • Technology will make it easier to find, access, and manage content.
  • Digital video will drive the growth of online advertising.
  • Advertising in digital venues will become more contextual.
  • Small-screen devices will have limited appeal as a media platform.
  • Marketers will make some mistakes as they move into new digital spaces.

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