Is That Punk Journalism?

I was just surfing around YouTube, and catching up on some old Behind the Music episodes, stumbling upon the Green Day story. Throughout the video, the question keeps coming up “Is that punk rock?” Thinking back on my experiences with punk rock, I would say the single thing that defines it is the constant questioning of whether something is, or is not, punk rock.

This same obsession with self-reflection and purported adherance to a holier than thou ethos seems to be pervasive in every conversation I read about new media and journalism online.

The debate over what jouralism is, has overwhelmed the purpose of whatever it may be setting out to do. With lines in the sand being drawn over and over, why are we choosing sides at all?

It’s like the argument over whether your outfit is punk enough. Simply asking the question gives you the answer. In the same regard, what does ink on paper have to do with seeking the truth? Is that journalism?

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