Bloggers and Journalists Need Each Other

Yesterday I referred to a recent Dave Winer post about the future of news. Dave stated that in the future, people will collectively gather news – that no single person will earn a living from it. Nicholas Carr gives a sober look at theory, reminding us of how much journalists risk to find and report on the truth.

In a similar vain, Haydn Shaughnessy confronts the notion that blogs are “conversations,” which people such as Jeff Jarvis state in order to show their superiority to traditional reporting media.

“Isn’t it about time to blow the lid off this idea of conversation? Who is having a conversation with whom? They’re not having a conversation with me. Not the newspapers I write for nor blogs like buzzmachine… If the clichés of objectivity from the news days are replaced by clichés about conversation then we’ve swapped the tyranny of one culture’s complacency with that of another.”

In a separate post, Haydn gives Ten Views on Blogs and News.

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