Google, Content, and Publishers

The Wall Street Journal looks at how Google is working more closely with traditional content providers in Google Sees Content Deals
As Key to Long-Term Growth
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Google is trying a different approach then it has in the past: 

“… the Internet giant is bringing some of the biggest traditional content owners into its camp and sharing revenue with them.”

… and the article touches upon recent announcements of Google’s partnerships with MySpace and MTV. This shift requires media companies to embrace the advertising model of Web-revenue, as opposed to guarding their own content and charging for it. The article ends on this statement:

“… there’s a fine line between competitors and partners.”

… which I think is at the crux of how Google’s presence throws media companies for a loop. As each develops their own online Web platform and marketing strategy, in the end, will they all simply embrace a distributor like Google?

Update: Search Engine Journal gives an in-depth analysis of Google Video, with the following conclusion:

“Google Video is Google’s future and will expand Google beyond its basic search format into a media network beyond what many of us have ever expected.”

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