Do Readers Prefer the Web to Print?

A recent study by the Poynter Institute, a Florida-based journalism school has found that those who read news on the web, have a greater attention span than those who read print – reading more of the articles they choose to read.

Online Identities: Zombies on the Web.

Jitendra Gupta and Richard MacManus have an interested piece on Read/Write Web where they look at “throwaway identities” online. The core of the issue is how people create accounts or identities online, and then change them. Sometimes, this is intentional – such as using an email address for subscriptions, so you don’t get spam in… Continue reading Online Identities: Zombies on the Web.

Analyzing Your Reading Habits

Google enveiled an interesting feature to its RSS reader. It allows you to analyze your reading habits, if you use their RSS service. Matt Cutts shows an example of his habits – which feeds he reads most and when. This already seems to be fueling a war for bragging rights: “I’ve read 2000+ blog posts… Continue reading Analyzing Your Reading Habits

Are Media Companies Leaders, or Followers?

Week after week, I link to articles that profile the massive changes going on within media and journalism. Each illustrates companies and people who are coping with a change in their industry that they are forced to endure. Perhaps these changes are discussed as “opportunities” in some articles; in others, but in many, they are… Continue reading Are Media Companies Leaders, or Followers?