Blog Niche

Mike Rundle looks at the meaning of “the long tail” and why it may be difficult to create an A-List blog: “If you look at nearly all blogs on the Technorati 100, it’s difficult to say they made it there solely on the quality of their content and not because of any external factors. These… Continue reading Blog Niche

Sunday Wrap Up

Just clearing out some remaining news and commentary for the week: The Bivings Report surveys the top 100 newspapers’ use of online offerings. “Socialmeter… scans several major link-tracking sites and spits back an analysis of your URL’s popularity” Darren Rowse discusses why bloggers call it quits. A brief but interesting article on 5 Ways to… Continue reading Sunday Wrap Up

Non-Profit, on Purpose

The New York Times has a report on two magazine brands that are thriving: AARP and Consumer Reports. Their parallels to the success of online communities is a key ingredient: “…perhaps most vexing to publishers are the online rivals that at first blush do not appear commercially motivated. Instead, these companies start from a position… Continue reading Non-Profit, on Purpose

Social Search

Social search has been one of those “it” topics recently. Chris Sherman from Search Engine Watch takes a look at the pros and cons of such a system. One conclusion: “Some people, no matter how well intentioned, will simply do a poor job of labeling content. Others will deliberately mislabel content to attempt to fool… Continue reading Social Search

Social Everything

Joshua Porter reports on some upcoming features of the new Apple operating system, OS X Leopard: Apple Making Huge Social Network Software Push? He outlines several new features in development that provide ways to collaborate with others – your iTunes library, your calendar, and even a Wiki-server.  “…all of these features are about enabling communication as much… Continue reading Social Everything