Citizen Journalism 101

Mark Glaser gives us “Your Guide to Citizen Journalism.” In it he gives a brief history of the concept with examples. Some excerpts: “One of the main concepts behind citizen journalism is that mainstream media reporters and producers are not the exclusive center of knowledge on a subject — the audience knows more collectively than… Continue reading Citizen Journalism 101

Customer Engagement Key to Online Success

The Washington Post profiles a new kind of ad-agency that: “…has nothing invested in any particular solution and nothing to gain by telling its clients to spend more rather than less, its pitch is that it can offer the least-biased, most-cost-effective solutions. The message resonates with companies dissatisfied by the payoff from traditional advertising.” Their… Continue reading Customer Engagement Key to Online Success

Community Journalism Challenge

Steve Rubel reports on an interesting challenge for community journalism:“The Knight Foundation have launched the ‘Knight Brothers 21st Century News Challenge’, investing up to $5 million in its first year in web 2.0-style community news projects that best use the digital world to connect people to the real world.”

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