Customer Engagement Key to Online Success

The Washington Post profiles a new kind of ad-agency that: “…has nothing invested in any particular solution and nothing to gain by telling its clients to spend more rather than less, its pitch is that it can offer the least-biased, most-cost-effective solutions. The message resonates with companies dissatisfied by the payoff from traditional advertising.” Their… Continue reading Customer Engagement Key to Online Success

Newspaper Innovation

The Wall Street Journal has rolled out some innovative new features, including:“a Windows screensaver, embedded right-click search capabilities, the My RSS beta and pop-up story summaries.”

Is it Too Late for Publishers?

David Carr asks this question in the New York Times: “Can traditional publishing provide the kind of growth required by a public company?” He goes on to profiles Time, Inc.’s current situation. Time’s CEO Ann S. Moore states: “We can’t just take all our old magazine people and turn them into multiplatform geniuses… we are… Continue reading Is it Too Late for Publishers?

Enter the Age of Mobile Publishing

A quote from Peter Chernin, president and chief operating officer of News Corp: “I believe that mobile could be one of the greatest media platforms ever created. It could rival television, the Internet and literally anything.” I would have to agree with him. In an age where hospitals rely on just-in-time delivery of supplies in… Continue reading Enter the Age of Mobile Publishing

Women in Journalism

Courtney Lowery offers a different perspective on how digital media is affecting journalism: “I’ve been hit on by sources, told “attagirl” by one of my reporters, and just this week had a freelancer sign off in an email with “thanks darlin.’” That kind of condescension I’ve become accustomed to. But not once, in all of… Continue reading Women in Journalism

Industrial Strength Innovation

BusinessWeek looks at how to better server B-to-B markets:  “Look at your products in the context in which they are used. The winners in this game will be customer-centric companies who will do whatever necessary to help their customers solve problems and make more money. Often this requires adding capabilities, services, and/or logistics to an… Continue reading Industrial Strength Innovation

TV Guide: From Publishing to Web

PaidContent has an interesting article on the evolution of TV Guide: Redesign Rolls Out Today; Emphasis On Info, Community. Seems like an interesting blend of features and a remarkable step forward for a brand that had to completely transform itself with the advent of digital media.

Growing Pains of Web Innovation

Four of the biggest innovations on the web are experiencing serious growing pains. Let’s start with Podcasting. Michael Arrington maintains a Podcast site in addition to his wildly popular TechCrunch blog. But his Podcast site has experienced radio silence recently. Last week he gave an update: “The problem was mostly production time…editing sound files is… Continue reading Growing Pains of Web Innovation

Networked Books

The Wall Street Journal looks at the rise of “networked books“: “In a fairly radical turn, one major publisher has made a networked book available free online at the same time the book is being sold in stores. Other publishers have posted networked titles that invite visitors to read the book and post comments. One… Continue reading Networked Books