Google Innovation

Google is at the center of so many things right now, and with good reason. They really seem to think about an ideal product or an ideal service, and then they create it. I feel as though other companies start with where they were, and then try to fit their current structure into their goals.… Continue reading Google Innovation

“This is a Total Revolution”

Business 2.0 has an article focusing on how Google can be both friend and foe to small business. But this passage jumped out at me as more anecdotal proof that things have changed drastically for print publishers: “More established businesses have been able to slash their marketing budgets by switching to search-term advertising. Ray Allen,… Continue reading “This is a Total Revolution”

Sunday Wrap Up

Just clearing out some remaining news and commentary for the week: Steve Rubel has a piece on Reinventing the Media Interview, where he states, “the media interview as we know it though is going through a radical transformation and it’s starting not with the reporters but with bloggers.” Mark Cuban discusses Responsible Journalism with regards… Continue reading Sunday Wrap Up