Blogging a Conference

Josh Hallett has a great primer on how to blog a conference. He reviews the tools, software, preparation, strategy, news coverage, audio and video. Like most things, preparation prior to the event is key.


What happens when you mix blogs with spam, you get splogs. A primer, from Wired: “Like email spam, splogs use the most wonderful features of networked communication – its flexibility, easy access, and low cost – in the service of sleazy get-rich-quick schemes. But whereas email spammers try to induce recipients to buy products, sploggers… Continue reading Splogs

Standalone Journalism

Now, there has been a lot of talk about readers/customers/users now expeciting/choosing/demanding to be involved in the process, to be able to create content, be given some control, or be part of a community. However, Paul Conley looks at things differently: “We will soon see a slew of standalone, online, B2B publications being run by… Continue reading Standalone Journalism

Web News Roundup

Just a few interesting articles: There has been a ton of talk online about Google’s foray into Microsoft Office’s territory, with their “Google Apps for Your Domain” announcement. Chris Anderson has the most interesting theory about how this will affect the web. AdSense alternatives A rant about why RSS is not such a big deal… Continue reading Web News Roundup

Blogs Rewrite Journalism

Malcolm Gladwell recently wrote a piece in The New Yorker about the US pension system. On his blog, he has been clarifying statements, and responding to comments that contest points in his article. In his most recent post, he makes some clarifications about what it means to be a journalist, and “report,” as opposed to… Continue reading Blogs Rewrite Journalism

Blog Explosion

Now that the web offers us citizen journalism, and no barrier for entry to post news, opinions, or anything else you can think of, some are feeling overwhelmed by all the choices. For those producing information on the web, some are feeling just plain lost. But this sudden overwhelming stream of content online is not… Continue reading Blog Explosion

Blog Profit

Dave Winer shares some interesting info about how profitable his blog is: “Last year we did $2.3 million in revenue. Expenses? One salary (mine) and about $1000 per month in server costs. A few thousand for contract programming. Pre-tax profit? Millions.” He goes on to explain why people sometimes don’t get it right when monetizing… Continue reading Blog Profit

Blog Value

In a world where reality TV mints new mini-celebrities by the dozens every month, the question has been raised: what is the value of a blogger? Robert Soble responds to a post by Don Dodge: “Here’s a question for Don: would you have invested $5 million in Howard Stern? How about Oprah Winfrey? Martha Stewart?… Continue reading Blog Value

Web Marketing Reality

AdAge says that The Reach Most Marketers Crave Still Comes From TV, Print and Internet Ads. But, Jeff Jarvis refutes these findings in his article: Advertisers: Head, Meet Sand, Insert. Who will win this battle of the wills?! Well, Nick Denton will. His Gawker blog network seems to be the envy of all other blog… Continue reading Web Marketing Reality

Blog Niche

Mike Rundle looks at the meaning of “the long tail” and why it may be difficult to create an A-List blog: “If you look at nearly all blogs on the Technorati 100, it’s difficult to say they made it there solely on the quality of their content and not because of any external factors. These… Continue reading Blog Niche