The Drooping Tail

Jakob Nielsen offers a different way to view Chris Anderson’s Long Tail theory: “I’m amazed at how often articles analyzing Web traffic or “long tail”-type businesses use linear plots that fail to show what’s really going on.” Jakob champions the idea of paying close attention to Web metrics when targeting long tail revenue:  “… pursuing… Continue reading The Drooping Tail

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Journalists and Bloggers: Happily Ever After

Doc Searls has some interesting commentary on recent brouhaha between journalists and bloggers at the Santa-Barbara News Press. One great quote from Dr. Laura: “… now it is as though every errant thought should be embraced by the outside world as having greater significance than the burp it really is.” I think bloggers and journalists… Continue reading Journalists and Bloggers: Happily Ever After

Sunday Wrap Up

Just clearing out some remaining news and commentary for the week: Steve Rubel has a piece on Reinventing the Media Interview, where he states, “the media interview as we know it though is going through a radical transformation and it’s starting not with the reporters but with bloggers.” Mark Cuban discusses Responsible Journalism with regards… Continue reading Sunday Wrap Up

Print Frustrations

One of my little pleasures is reading the Sunday NY Times. I just went out to pick up my copy, and as I flipped through it in the store, I noticed that there was no copy of the magazine. This is the third time in three weeks, at three different stores, that I have had… Continue reading Print Frustrations

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Can You Trust Web Metrics?

Heather Green from Business Week looks into the three major web metrics providers, Alexa, comScore and Hitwise, and reviews what people are saying about what you can and can’t trust in their numbers, in Traffic Statistics Online and the Importance of Triangulating. Similar issues were raised earlier this week when Technorati’s Dave Sifry shared stats… Continue reading Can You Trust Web Metrics?

Exploiting Customers?

A pair of articles in NY Times today regarding the release of user search queries from AOL earlier this week, and a dive into just how private your search queries are. The first article, Your Life as an Open Book, explains just what search engines do store from you, how they do it, and why.… Continue reading Exploiting Customers?

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