News of the Week 4/6/08

Traditional media team with niche sites to nab ad dollars "Looking to snare a larger share of Internet ad dollars, traditional media companies are launching "vertical ad networks" in which they sell ad bundles of space on their sites and on independent sites with complementary content." Passion fuels entrepreneurial journalism "The biggest challenge facing the… Continue reading News of the Week 4/6/08

Meal of the Week!

Sarah has been dying to go to the Candle Cafe, a vegetarian restaurant in the city. We got their mega-early so we could be the first in the door. About five minutes after this photo was taken, the place was filled. Sarah’s meal: Burrito filled with a million beans and veggies. My meal: tofu scrambled… Continue reading Meal of the Week!

Utility & Elegance

Magazines. Websites. Tradeshows. Newsletters. Services. Everything a publishing & media company does. What are the goals? How do you achieve them? When I look at a brand like Apple. And ask: why do they succeed? Where do they set their focus? I can’t help but feel. That they follow nature’s lead. A mixture of two… Continue reading Utility & Elegance

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