More Tips on How PR Folks Should Work With Bloggers

Ryan Block of Engadget talks about how PR folks can better work with bloggers:

“Let’s cut to the chase: yes, unfortunately most PR people don’t do their homework… But these people aren’t out to make our lives harder, and many of them are just doing what they can with what’s become a severely broken system between media relations and the media. For all our communications tools PR often reminds editors more of telemarketing than valued outreach.”

He also references an earlier post where he shares 14 tips on how to pitch a blogger:

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Read the site
  3. Email is good, IM is better
  4. Please don’t call five minutes later
  5. Feel free to pass my contact info around
  6. Don’t just add me to your lists
  7. Email from a live address
  8. Don’t “pitch” me
  9. Remove me from your lists when I ask
  10. Followups are ok, within reason
  11. Don’t ignore me when I say something you don’t like
  12. Don’t ignore me because I didn’t write about your whatever
  13. My editorial is not for sale
  14. Don’t only get in touch when you need something

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