When Experts Connect Directly to Their Audience

The Boston Globe looks at how the Internet is allowing musicians to connect directly with their audience, and keep more profits in the process:

“Increasingly, recording artists and consumers are uniting and circumventing traditional channels for creating and distributing music,” said Mike Goodman, a media and entertainment analyst at Yankee Group in Boston. “These days, musicians can do business directly with consumers. They don’t need a recording label. They don’t need a store. They don’t need Ticketmaster, the way they used to.”

For publishing and media companies, this is an interesting example of “cutting out the middle-man,” in a system where experts and individual content creators bypass a traditional publishing system in order to reach their audience. Social media and Web 2.0 application are proving this to be the case for information and data distribution.
(Thanks to the reader who sent this link!)

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