MySpace Looks for More Original Content

As competition for the hearts of web users heats up, MySpace is looking to become something more than an aggregator and social network, but a content producer, and conduit for others to do so:

“MySpace had a great deal of success with their short form webisode, “Prom Queen”. The heavily hyped ode to teenage drama drew over 15 million streams during its run and is gearing up for another season. MySpace is looking to take the format to the streets, now soliciting film makers for their own shorts with a chance at earning some money. It’s part of a series of new ideas MySpace has been trying, which earlier this week included a user generated comic.”

This is another “what-if” situation that challenges traditional media – from newspapers to tv brands like NBC. More likely, we can expect a flurry of partnerships and co-branded initiatives over the next few years.

This is most recently indicated in the CNN/YouTube Democratic Debate, which even CNN refers to as the “YouTube Debate.” It seems the medium is indeed the message.

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