Why Blogging is Better Than Writing for Magazines

Marc Andreessen looks back at his first five weeks of blogging, with some interesting thoughts:

“…writing a blog is way easier than writing a magazine article, a published paper, or a book — but provides many of the same benefits.”

“I think it’s an application of the 80/20 rule — for 20% of the effort (writing a blog post but not editing and refining it the quality level required of a magazine article, a published paper, or a book), you get 80% of the benefit (your thoughts are made available to interested people very broadly).”

He takes this a step further to understand how writers can increasingly look to blogging as a sustainable career:

” There are now a meaningful number of bloggers making a reasonable, even great, living by blogging, in some cases substantially more money than they would writing for a magazine or a book publisher.”

He also shares 6 ways that blogging is better than traditional publishing:

  1. “…blogging tolerates and even encourages stylistic idiosyncracies that traditional publishing would not accommodate.”
  2. “Incremental thinking is OK.”
  3. “Interactive feedback with readers is possible, even easy.”
  4. “Revisions in the face of new information are OK.”
  5. “Your weird writing style and flowery language is not necessarily held against you.”
  6. “…it’s much easier to link to other information or other people in blogs than it is in books or magazine articles.”

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