Google’s Future Relies on Publishers

Google CEO Eric Schmidt on Google’s future: “…we have this amazing product called AdSense for content, where we’re monetizing the Web. If you’re a publisher we run our ads against your content. It’s phenomenal. How do we make that product produce better content, not just lots of content?”

The Limits of Social Media

Netflix just announced a contest that will award $1 million to the person who can improve their recommendation engine by 10% or more: ““Most of the easy stuff has been squeezed out already,” he said, adding that it had become increasingly difficult to make substantial progress in predicting accuracy.” I found it odd that the… Continue reading The Limits of Social Media

Are Blogs & Editorials the Same Thing?

Jeff Jarvis compares editorialists to bloggers: “The irony is that the editorialists have long been guilty of the sins most often attributed to bloggers: They rarely report and mostly just leach off the work of other journalists. And they work anonymously. Worse, they attempt to speak as the voices of institutions, issuing opinions as if… Continue reading Are Blogs & Editorials the Same Thing?

Are All of Our Eggs in Google’s Basket?

Cnet looks at the changing nature of trust and information online in an article titled, “Most reliable search tool could be your librarian.” “Most people don’t bother to look at results past the first page or spend much time evaluating the source of the material, experts say.” “There’s a problem with information illiteracy among people.… Continue reading Are All of Our Eggs in Google’s Basket?