The Difference Between MySpace and Facebook

A new report looks at how social networks differ. An interesting difference between MySpace and Facebook: “Facebook is viewed as “real identity”, whereas MySpace is “fanntasized identity”

Facebook Now a Platform for Politics & News

You know how teenagers are always clammoring for new ways to learn about politics and interact with broadcast news teams? Well, Facebook is answering that call: “ABC News and Facebook have formally established a partnership — the site’s first with a news organization — that allows Facebook members to electronically follow ABC reporters, view reports… Continue reading Facebook Now a Platform for Politics & News

Social Networks Eclipse Email in UK Marketing

Barry Graubart finds two interesting points in the latest research from Hitwise: “UK web traffic to social network sites has now exceeded that to web-based email systems like Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo! Mail.” “Hitwise shows that clicks to retail sites from social networks exceeded the traffic sent by the email sites. Let me repeat that… Continue reading Social Networks Eclipse Email in UK Marketing

Martha Stewart’s “Community” Marketing Initiative

I have been reading about “Martha’s Circle,” a new initiative from Martha Stewart to select and aggregate blogs around key topical areas that Martha’s audience appreciates. I immediately began thinking about what this meant for large publishers like Martha Stewart, and for small bloggers. My mind raced between ideas around building community, disseminating long tail… Continue reading Martha Stewart’s “Community” Marketing Initiative

Advertisers Targeting You, As Their Friend

Adam Hirsch reports from Ad:Tech. “Although there are all these various companies and different platforms, the universal theme that streams through all of them is that they will deliver targeted ads. The specific target ad system is apparently the solution to maintain the unobtrusive manner of advertising. To be able to target a specific gender,… Continue reading Advertisers Targeting You, As Their Friend

Trust in Advertising: Facebook, MySpace and Social Ads

Jeremiah Owyang looks at two recent advertising initiatives from MySpace and Facebook, and lists their implications. Here is an excerpt from what Facebook is working on: “Going beyond just profile matching of advertisements, Facebook allows consumers to self-identify with brands and becoming fans. In turn, brands can use these “Fan-Sumers” as endorsers to their own… Continue reading Trust in Advertising: Facebook, MySpace and Social Ads

Beat Reporting Via Social Network

NewAssignment.Net is working on a journalism experiment: Beat Reporting With a Social Network: “Beat reporters have always had networks of sources, of course, but the sources haven’t been connected to one another, or able to self-publish; they haven’t been social networks at all. And we didn’t have the easy tools for Web-based collaboration that we… Continue reading Beat Reporting Via Social Network

OpenSocial. Explained Simply.

Jeremiah Owyang breaks down Google’s OpenSocial announcement for the common person to understand: “Since there’s standardization in the code use (APIs) If you develop an application for OpenSocial, it should be easily re-used on all the social networks that are particiating. This greatly reduced development time, you no longer need a ‘myspace strategy’ or ‘bebo… Continue reading OpenSocial. Explained Simply.