Stock Photography Under Fire from User Generated Media

Other media businesses are coming under attack due to the proliferation of user generated content online: stock photography. Thomas Hawk has the scoop from an interview inside Getty with Jonathan Klein, Getty Images Co-Founder and CEO: “I asked Klein if he saw room between the $1.85 iStockPhoto image and the high end Getty images and… Continue reading Stock Photography Under Fire from User Generated Media

Leveraging Content Channels on the Web

Hayden Shaughnessy looks at new types of content that are unique to the web. He explains the following: Online newspapers Channel Aggregators Social bookmarking Content Re-use New Search Engines Wikis Accidental Content Sites IPTV (Television over IP networks) Personal TV and Citizen TV. User content TV Corporate and political TV Live Performance Games and Virtuality… Continue reading Leveraging Content Channels on the Web

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Are All of Our Eggs in Google’s Basket?

Cnet looks at the changing nature of trust and information online in an article titled, “Most reliable search tool could be your librarian.” “Most people don’t bother to look at results past the first page or spend much time evaluating the source of the material, experts say.” “There’s a problem with information illiteracy among people.… Continue reading Are All of Our Eggs in Google’s Basket?

Cashing in on the Long Tail

David Berlind has a great post about a recent talk that AOL’s CEO John Miller recently gave about online growth and user generated media, among other topics. Excerpts from David’s summary of the talk: “…the bottom line is that if people are spending more of their time online, and the number of hours in the… Continue reading Cashing in on the Long Tail

Google Clarifies Content

Google clarified what its role in the world, in terms of content:”Because we don’t own this content, over the years we’ve come up with three primary principles to ensure that we respect content owners and protect their rights: we respect copyright; we let owners choose whether we index their content in our products; we try… Continue reading Google Clarifies Content

Good Content Needs Good Distribution

BusinessWeek talks about how content alone will not bring success to media companies – distribution is key: “What works for a media company’s stock price right now is the whizbang pairing of content with some kind of next-generation distribution.”

Solving a Problem No One Has

Everything is moving online. Magazines, newspapers, books – there is a scramble to be first, be innovative, and be profitable. To be sure, there is great opportunity online, and publishers are finding declining growth in their print formats, and see digital media as their salvation. As companies create new solutions, a key question to keep… Continue reading Solving a Problem No One Has

Marketing & Advertising

Two interesting articles on the money-side of online media: Cost-per-click ads vs. affiliate programs “…the benefits of going with affiliate programs that pay larger amounts when people purchase a product…” Marketing on RSS feeds “…a number of great examples of RSS marketing including coupons, affiliate marketing, PR/IR feeds, deals, classifieds, podcasts branded entertainment and more…”

Google Releases Newspaper Archive

Google has launched a search archive of 200 years worth of newspapers. From The New York Times: “This symbolizes a major moment,” said Allen Weiner, a research director at Gartner, a market research firm. Google has reached an accommodation with the content companies that will benefit both sides, he said.” What is interesting is how… Continue reading Google Releases Newspaper Archive