Writers: Build Your Online Platform

I have been very focused on understanding the goals of writers, and working to provide steps for them to build their online platform? What does this mean? To make solid steps towards their goals of engaging an audience, and building a body of work that has an effect on the world.

At my blog at WeGrowMedia.com, I’ve recently shared a few posts on the topic:

I was lucky enough to spend the past few weeks surrounded by writers and publishers. My speaking scheduling had me at three events:

  • Writer’s Digest Conference: I presented the following sessions: Branding Yourself, How to Use Social Media to Get Noticed and Sell Your Work, and Blogging as a Platform and Publicity Machine.
  • Digital Book World: I did a three hour workshop for publishers: Content Strategy: How to Serve Your Community by Developing Great Online Content
  • AWP Conference: I was on the only social media panel at an event with 7,000 writers and publishers: The Art and Authenticity of Social Media: Using Online Tools to Grow a Community. I was also part of a three hour workshop for small presses and authors: Marketing your books online: Virtual Touring, Social Media, and Promotion in the Digital Age

And all of this has been fueling a project I have been building for nearly a year now, and is now available: an online course for writers: Build Your Author Platform. It’s an intensive 8-week course that I am very excited about!

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