A Look Back at 2008

Because I am the sentimental type, I figured a look back at 2008 was in order. First off, I just celebrated:

My 8th Anniversary at Reed Business Information!

It’s been a tremendous ride so far, thanks to all of the weird, cool, creative, and giving folks I get to work with.

In 2008, I put out 52 editions of my newsletter (sign up in the upper right corner of the danblank.com homepage), covering a range of topics. Some of my favorites:

But what fascinated me most this year was Facebook. I wrote two posts on the topic:

And I continue to be blown away by the ways in which Facebook has made my life more meaningful.

A very special thanks to Control Engineering’s Peter Welander, who contributed a phenomenal series on audio and video recording for the web.

Have a great New Year’s everyone – thank you again for making 2008 so much fun – looking forward to 2009.

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