News of the Week 3/21/08

A Radically Different World for Print Media
“This isn’t a “transition period” for newspapers. It’s a whole new game… Print revenue is not likely to ever grow again. Digital revenue, at least, has no known ceiling.”

From Assembly Line to Network at the Post
“Newspapers cling to an assembly-line model for news production even though computers and other technologies have rendered it obsolete.”
(Thanks to Robin Lenz for the link!)

Are Job Cuts Death Knell for America’s Newspapers?
“Some try to move faster online, others just cut as industry nears an abyss.”

Online Advertisers To Spend Through Turbulence
“eMarketer predicts that, despite the economic rough patch, US online advertising will continue to grow through 2008. Online ad spending will rise by 23%.”

How I’d Promote My Blog If I Were Starting Out Again
Blogging guru Darren Rowse explores how you can leverage the following tactics to find blogging success: guest posting, networking, advertising, social media, and viral content.”

Lessons for Journalists from the ‘State of the News Media’ Report
“The problem, it is increasingly clear, is a broken economic model—the decoupling of advertising and news. Advertisers are not migrating to news websites with audiences, and online, news sites are already falling financially behind other kinds of Web destinations.”

Where’s the Innovation in Business Models?
“I see tremendous energy going in to breaking new ground in gathering news, telling stories, and creating community. What I don’t see is an equivalent amount of innovation occurring around the business models that will support journalism going forward. What I tend to see, over and over, is people experimenting wildly on the content side, and then falling back on the same old business model: Selling ads. This model is dying.”

“The Conversation has Left the Blogosphere
“Conversations that once existed solely in the blogosphere have now moved on. People still comment, but in a lot of cases, those comments [have] become diluted among… different services and applications…”

“Blogging Seems Like it has Lost its Way”
Two bloggers go head to head as to how great blogs, and great blog networks are created.

Maybe the Web’s Not a Place to Stick Your Ads
“The internet is too often viewed as inventory, as a place where brands pay for the privilege of being adjacent to content… Should it even be viewed as an ad medium? After all, in some quarters of the broader marketing world, the habit of looking at advertising as the most important tool in the marketers’ toolbox is undergoing intense interrogation.”

Online Community Best Practices
“I’ve been presenting my high level findings from my recent research on Online Community Best Practices… I interviewed 17 companies and leaned on my experience launching the social media programs at previous companies.”

Connecting With Customers Online
A follow up on “ways companies are managing their Web presence to foster relationships with existing and new customers.”

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