2007: The Year in Media

Year in Media 2007There are lots of 2007 media industry recaps online, I will try to recap them all!

  • Online Journalism Review: “Five Lessons from 2007.”
    Breaking news blogs take off, as does distribution of content via widgets. The media are still figuring out how to best leverage user-generated content.

  • Folio magazine: “2007: The Year in Magazines.”
    Some magazines fold, some titles change hands, and some people moved around.

  • Mr. Magazine: “7 Great Magazine Moments in 07.”
    This year saw some really fun new magazine launches, including Portfolio and Garden & Gun.

  • Editor & Publisher: “Top 10 Newspaper Industry Stories of 2007.”
    Topping the list is Rupert Murdoch’s purchase of the Wall Street Journal, with 9 other industry-shaking moments.

  • Mediashift: “10 MediaShifting Moments of 2007.
    The web is leveraged for reporting on Burma and the presidential debates; USA Today and The New York Times make major changes to their online strategy; Twitter, Facebook and YouTube see phenomenal growth.

  • Howard Owens: “Best Newspaper Website Awards.
    A great look into what newspapers across the country are doing online. The best site award went to Knoxnews.com.

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